February 6, 2016 "Love these products! So natural & pure. My face felt amazing after using the exfoliator scrub & body cream. Good stuff!!" - Toni, Washington

October 30, 2015 "My dermatologist thought my skin was so soft. All thanks to your wonderful product. Don't want to be without it!! Thanks" - Marty, Washington

August 5, 2015 "I love this stuff! Bought some more at the fair today. Makes my skin feel fabulous" - Megan, Washington

August 10, 2015 "We got the opportunity to spend some time with Steve and Rene over the weekend working along side them at the Grays Harbor Fair. They are a very personable couple with an amazing product. We are looking forward to watching their company grow, and are excited to try all of their product line." - Robin, Washington

April 15, 2015 "Amazing product. My skin beads up after use and has a nice fragrance that isn't overpowering." - Susan, Washington

April 12, 2015
"Love this product! My skin feels amazing! I would recommend this to anyone!" - April, Washington

April 12, 2015 "I love products and I like to try everything. This is the BEST product I have ever used. How is this not $100 in every Beverly Hills and NY retail store?! Thank God it's not because I need to buy a million more jars. No joke my skin is glowing for the first time. Its hydrated and beautiful after ONE use. My hands haven't cracked all day! And my face....are you makeup went on like butter! I have never felt this passionately about a product before. Thank you for creating this!" - Faith, Washington

April 7, 2015 "Excellent service, and a wonderful product. Very happy with my purchase." - Kathleen, Washington

April 5, 2015 "I picked some of this up at a local Christmas gift fair in December and love it! I have sensitive skin and have a difficult time with facial washes and moisturizers, even the hypoallergenic ones. I use this as a face scrub in the morning and at night and the coconut oil keeps my skin moisturized without additional lotions. Works well for removing my eye makeup, too. I met the company owners at the booth when I bought my first jar and they were very nice. I recently ordered some more from the company, but it's good to know it's available here on Amazon, too." - J.

March 31, 2015 "A MUST HAVE PROUCT!! If this can help Dave's elbows feel like butter - then they get my FIVE stars!!! Thank you for making such a great product!" - Traycy, Oregon

March 30, 2015 "I finally tried my little jar as a shave oil(?). I was super-sceptical at first but was amazed at how smooth the shave was and how good my face felt afterwards. It was closer and better than shave foam. Kudos." - Marc, Washington

March 24, 2015 "I changed my oil yesterday and my hands where filthy I used the shop soap the orange kind and my hands where still dirty and stained with oil so I used some of your scrub and my hands where cleaner then be for I changed my oil I highly recommend this product" - Matt, Washington

March 1, 2015 "I cannot wait to start using this product. The owners are amazingly gracious and giving. So excited for what the future holds for them." - Anonymous 

February 27, 2015 "Received some of this for a gift and loved it. Was delighted when I found I could get more through Amazon. It is an all natural scrub that totally eliminated the problem I always experienced in winter with cracked and split skin on my hands and fingers-no more having to put globs of cream on my hands and gloves at night. It also is very effective to use in your daily shower, afterward just pat dry and go, no need for extra lotion. No more itchy winter skin this year. I used to go through bottles of lotion, now I use this and don't need extra lotion. The peppermint scent is light and pleasant. I have also tried the lavender, vanilla and cinnamon scents and they are nice. You do have to be careful as it does make your shower stall floor slippery, but using it is worth the time for a simple clean up." - Jean

February 27, 2015 "Bought this with my mom at the Seafood and Wine Festival in Portland. Loved it some much had to place an order to get more. Gave away some as gifts and they loved it. Will betting more ASAP!!!" - Alison, Oregon

January 3, 2015 "I am amazed at how well I love these products, the way they make my skin feel is amazing. So glad I stopped at your booth!" - Kimberly, Oregon
December 12, 2014 "I have been using these scrubs since they first started and I love this stuff!
I have sensitive skin so and it gets worse in the winter. Sometimes it is hard for me to find something that is gentle on my skin. This scrub has worked wonders this season. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated, soft and healthy and the smells are wonderful! I also, use the lip balm which is a miracle worker for dry cracked lips.

No harsh chemicals, all natural ingredients, you really can't go wrong.

Not only are they local, but Veteran owned and such great people." - Jillian, Washington

December 8, 2014
 "We first met this company in Seabrook, Washington at a farmer's market. My wife has very sensitive but dry skin so she tried a little at their booth and found it very soothing. We purchased a jar of the Peppermint-Coconut Scrub to try.

She loved it! She loved it so much that she went through it in no time. We then purchased more online (very easy purchasing process) and we got some for her friend.

Well, we've ordered from them online again and keep finding them at many arts festivals and gift shows. The couple that run the company are super-friendly and that is a big part of the appeal. I love the small business vibe--we deal with the whole company at each transaction. Also, the husband of the husband-wife team is a veteran so that is a great plus.

We think that this scrub is so good that even I have started using it for my face. It is a great exfoliator and is very soothing. I love the lavender smell.

We can't wait to see what other varieties they come out with next and our next encounter with them at the next show!

Highly recommend them!
" - Marc, Washington

December 1, 2014 
"So I am apprehensive about buying things like this because the last time I did I was allergic to it. Well yesterday I decided I was going to purchase the holiday trio for my mother for Christmas. Of course I had to try it out first. I loved the scents, feel, and overall way this stuff works and to my surprise no allergic reaction. :D I work a job where constant hand washing and sanitizing is a MUST so my hands get a little dry. This product has helped alleviate that dry, cracked, rough feeling of my hands. Great product!" - Hollie, Washington

November 30, 2014 
"I love this product! I tried it at a Saturday market this summer and I have been hooked ever since. I am in the health care profession, and it goes without saying that I need to wash my hands multiple times during the day and also frequently use alcohol-based hand sanitizers/disinfectants. It used to be a chore to keep up with moisturizing my hands to keep them from drying out with the constant washing. I don't seem to be having that problem anymore! I also love to use the scrubs on my legs and feet after I shave my legs in the shower. These products also smell so wonderful. I was excited to try out the new holiday scents and can't wait to see what fabulous scent combination La Beauté Pure De Coco comes up with next! - Kathy, Washington

November 26, 2014 "We found these wonderful products at the WA State Fair this year and we love them. Thank you again for the great customer service!" - Laura, Washington

November 23, 2014 "...My immediate impression was and still is nothing but positive accolades! I developed a mild case of rosacea this summer and sought care from my dermatologist. After using this product with peppermint essential oils, my face has never looked better. I use the exfoliating scrub in the shower almost everyday. It helped removed dead skin cells, and add moisture with the coconut oil without leaving my face feeling greasy. At my follow-up dermatologist appointment, she had nothing but rave reviews about how my skin was looking. So healthy and smooth. Now I'm not saying this "cures" rosacea. But I am saying that my flare ups have reduced and my confidence level has soared. Great holiday gift idea if you're looking for something special for the women (and men of course) in your life!" - Karen, Washington
September 23, 2014 "I had to order two this time so I don't have to worry about running out!! Best skin care product 
I have ever tried! It's like Christmas morning when my order arrives!" - Kathryn, California

September 14, 2014 "We bought a trio of scrubs (2 cinnamon and 1 vanilla) yesterday at the Fair. Great friendly service. Lovely scented product (but scent is not too strong). Great service!" - Thea, Washington

September 15, 2014
 "It was great to find you at the fair today. I came home and literally scrubbed from head to toe! My scalp, hair, and face feel amazing!!" - Dawn, Washington 

August 21, 2014
 "Worlds best shaving oil; use it on my head and face!
- Samuel, Washington 

August 17, 2014
 "... I Love my Lavender Coconut Scrub. Living in the Arizona Desert this scrub is a great moisturizer. My skin feels so smooth & soft.
- Laura, Arizona

July 4, 2014 
"...I am glad I bought some peppermint scrub! I will recommend it to all my friends! Love it!!
- Joy, Washington 

June 21, 2014 "I love this stuff! It is just so amazing. Both my mom and grandma have also tried this; they told me they felt it was "luxurious" and that it "even works on old people skin"! Every smell is wonderful and it leaves my skin soft and hydrated.
- Mallory, Washington 

June 1, 2014 "This stuff is amazing! Fell in love with it immediately. Smells heavenly and my hands are soooo soft Whoooooo!
- Paulette, Washington 

May 20, 2014 "I would definitely recommend the coconut scrub as I've used both for me and hubby, as well as gifts for others. My husband also finds it immensely helpful for his dry skin and I know several people who've loved it since trying it!:) Is definitely worth checking out!" - Rhoda, Washington 

May 18, 2014 "I was a little hesitant about using anything with the word "oil" on my face as I tend to be both greasy and super dry. I started using the scrubs and got hooked right away! I use it from head to toe and used to have to apply lotion as I have eczema but no longer need to as it leaves my skin hydrated yet not greasy...even in the areas I used to be greasy. I also swear by this for shaving as it leaves your skin so soft and just amazing...I no longer use shaving cream....I call this stuff "amazingness in a bottle". I've also tried the chapsticks and they are just as amazing as the scrubs, i'm definitely hooked!
- Lindsey, Washington 

May 16, 2014 "I've been using the Marjoram + Coconut scrub for two weeks now and I am in LOVE !!! I don't ... no , I won't start my day without it. My skin has never felt so delicious in my LIFE ! It will seriously leave your skin feeling smother than a babies bottom ! I'm also using the body wash and the lip balm which are both magnificent !!! Place your order TODAY !!! ;))" - Annie, Ohio

May 16, 2014 "I tried one of the products and it was amazing. Left my skin feeling so smooth and looking very bright. I would really recommend it." - Marylu, Utah